Pharmacist of the Month

November, 2018


Name: James Robinson

Pharmacy: CVS

Pharmacy Address: 2169 Midland Trail, Shelbyville, Kentucky, 40065

Pharmacy School Attended: Mercer in Atlanta, GA

I have 4 great kids, a 7 year old son, 5 year old daughter and 3 year old twin girls! I spend most of my extra time watching Paw Patrol and spending quality time with my kids whenever I can.

If you could have dinner with any three (3) people in history, who would they be?

  1. Hemmingway
  2. Churchill
  3. Ghandi

The most rewarding thing about being a pharmacist is:
At the end of the day it all comes down to I really love helping others. Working with the public is such a great opportunity to be the only light in someone’s world that may feel a little dark. My patients sometimes deal with some really heavy issues and if I can make their day a little easier or a little brighter than that’s definitely rewarding.

Who/what inspired you to be a pharmacist:
I did my Undergrad work in Chemistry and considered getting my PhD but I had a friend with pharmacy connections. My friend’s Uncle was a pharmacist and I ended up working as a tech and I just stayed with it until I went into pharmacy myself.

Who would you name “Pharmacist of the Month” if you had the next selection:
Wade McKinnely