Pharmacist of the Month

January, 2018


Name: Maressa Kolo

Pharmacy: OSCO

Pharmacy Address: 747 Indiana Boundary, Chesterton, Indiana, 46304

Pharmacy School Attended: Midwestern University


If you could have dinner with any three (3) people in history, who would they be?

  1. Dalai Lama
  2. Arch Bishop Tu TU
  3. My grandparents

The most rewarding thing about being a pharmacist is:
Helping my patients especially the ones who thank me for helping so much it warms my heart/thats why I do it. Especially when I can save them significantly with the Indiana Drug Card

Who/what inspired you to be a pharmacist:
My dad who was a pharmaceutical rep

Who would you name “Pharmacist of the Month” if you had the next selection:
Mathew Siemiawski